This year there will be events for the following gaming systems:

  1. Warmachine/Hordes
  2. Guildball
  3. Shadespire
  4. Judgement
  5. Bloodbowl

Like previous years we will be holding multiple events for Warmachine/Hordes from Friday to Sunday, culminating in a ClogCon invitational on the Sunday. Expect Champions, Masters, and multiple steamroller tournaments.

After testing out guildball last year, we are ready for the next step. We will be holding a team tournament (3 man teams) on Saturday and Sunday and it is open for max 32 guildball teams.

We also have 2 newcomers. Shadespire and Judgement. Both gaming systems will have their first European Open on Saturday and Sunday.

In the coming weeks we will make seperate pages for detailed schedules for each gaming system.


**Note that it is possible that we will do small changes to the schedule if the masters/steamroller/champions rule set from Privateerpress changes significantly or if attendance exceeds our expectations. In the coming weeks we will also make seperate pages for all gaming systems and their respective timetables