Wolf Gabor (Hungary) earns an Alternate Qualifier spot.

A new tournament on the scene, the Austrian Masters, took place this past weekend and it is one of the European Invitational Alternate Qualifiers.

Pictures can be found at :
50 Washes of Grey 2015
Austrian Masters 2015

A hearty congratulations go to Alexandre Maiffret from France for winning the event!  But this gentleman has already become an Alternate Qualifier from a previous event and so per the rules, we move on to the 2nd place player to earn an alternate Qualifier spot.  So welcome to Wolf Gabor from Hungary!

For the lists of the top 3 players, visit our partner’s site, Page5.de.

For full information about the European Invitational that will take place at ClogCon, along with all the previously qualified players, visit our website.