The next EU Invitational Qualifier takes place this weekend.

We look forward to hearing about the competition at the Italian Masters which takes place this coming weekend in beautiful Modena, Italy.

As you may remember, the 2016 edition of the European Invitational will be taking place at ClogCon this year.  ClogCon is an American-style 3 day gaming convention dedicated to both competitive and casual Warmachine/Hordes players from all around Europe.  It will be held in a bigger and more convenient location this year, namely in a hotel next to Schiphol airport in Amsterdam on November 11-13.

The European Invitational is a top tier singles-tournament that is populated by winners from other major tournaments happening all around Europe.  For more information about how the Invitational is run, visit our website.

Here’s the full list of Qualifiers for 2016.  Make your plans to compete at any one of these excellent event and see if you can qualify for the big event at ClogCon this November!

1            Norwegian Masters, Oslo, Norway, Jan 16-17 (Denis Korzun – Sweden)
2            French Masters, Lyon, France, Feb 6-7 (Edoardo Rinaldi – Italy)
3            SmogCon, London, England, Feb 19-21 (Pat Dunford – Ireland)
4            Hispania Wargames Masters, Malaga, Spain, Feb 27-28 (Adrian Ramos Perez – Spain)
5            Aros Kingdoms, Uppsala, Sweden, Mar 5-6 (Christoffer Wedding – Sweden)
6            Gobber Crown, Berlin, Germany, Mar 5-6 (Dominik De Cassan – Germany)
7            Battle at Lund, Lund, Sweden Mar 25-27 (Jarle Svendsrud – Norway)
8            Italian Masters,  Modena, Italy, Apr 2-3
9            BogCon Dublin, Ireland, Apr 8-10
10         Kuyavia Open, Bydogoszcz, Poland  Apr 9-10
11         Steamstorm, Bratislava, Slovakia, Apr 23-24
12         Nordisch Masters, Bremen, Germany, May 7-8
13         Welsh Masters, Cardiff, Wales, May 14-16
14         Danish Masters, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 21-22
15         Steam & Fury Masters, Vaasa, Finland May 21-22
16         Moscow Cup, Moscow, Russia, May 21-22
17         Lisbon Masters, Lisbon, Portugal, May 25-26
18         Greek Masters, Athens, Greece, June 18-19
19         Bavarian Masters, Munich Germany, Jul 8-9
20         Estonian Masters, Tallinn, Estonia, Jul 16-17
21         Ropecon, Helsinki, Finland, Jul 29-31
22         Polish Masters, Katowice, Poland, Jul 30-31
23         Austrian Masters, Vienna, Austria, Aug 13-14
24         Master du Sud, Toulon, France, Aug 13-14
25         Iron Moot, Gothenburg, Sweden Aug 19-21
26         Rhurpott Masters, Dortmund, Germany, Aug 26-28
27         UK Nationals, Stockport, England Sep 3-4
28         WTC Solo Masters, Amsterdam, Netherlands, Sep 24-26
29         Orktoberfest, Toulouse, France, Oct 1-2
30         Czech Nationals Brno, Czech Rep., Oct 15-16
31         Belgian Masters XXX, Brussels Belgium, Nov 5-6
32         LCQ at ClogCon Amsterdam, Netherlands, Nov 11-13

Wildcard events to fill any open slots in order below:

  • Invasion: Kristiansand, Norway (Sep)
  • Netherlands Masters:  Rotterdam, Netherlands (Apr 2-3)