The 2015 European Invitational brackets are confirmed.

We are pleased to announce that we have confirmed all of the qualified participants in the Warmachine/Hordes European Invitational.  All of these winners will be playing for the top honour at ClogCon this year. Included in the prize is a $600 voucher to help defray travel costs to Warmachine Weekend 2016 located in the USA, along with a free ticket to the convention.

There is one more spot open in the Invitational which goes to the winner of the LCQ on Friday of ClogCon.  Tickets are still available so make your plans to come today!

The full Invitational bracket with pairings is below.  Here are a few player country stats as well; will the Germans sweep the top spots?

  • 4 Germany
  • 2 Austria
  • 2 Poland
  • 1 Scotland
  • 1 England
  • 1 France
  • 1 Italy
  • 1 Hungary
  • 1 Russia
  • 1 Norway

2015 Warmachine European Invitational bracket - Copy