Painting competition is back!!!

The last two editions of ClogCon were sadly missing a painting competition. Our previous location just did not have the space. As we have moved to a far bigger location, we have decided to re-introducing our painting competition at ClogCon 2016. This year’s painting competition will have 1 category. It is our intention to expand our painting competition next year if this item is successful. All entrees will be judged by our 3-person team and we will aim to be as fair as possible.



Single model: Any single model from small based to hugh based


Entry forms for our painting competition will be available at the registration desk. Models need to be ready for display on the Sunday at 10:00am.

khador bestpainted


  • All entries must be Privateer Press miniatures. Conversions and scratch-building is allowed.
  • All entries must be modeled and painted by the person entering.
  • All entries must be presented on the appropriate size base for which the model was designed, but extra scenic details may be added.
  • You have no problem with us photographing the competition entries and are fine with us publish photographs on the web or in print.
  • Judges’ decisions are final in all cases.