• Registration for ClogCon opens on April 8th

    We will be opening registration on the 8th of April. Running up to that date we will be busy updating the website, and preparing plans for our events.  Like last year ClogCon will be a 3 day convention. That is 3 days of back to back warmachine tournaments. We will als […]

  • Save the date: ClogCon 2018, 26-28th October.

    We are very happy to announce that the next ClogCon will take place on the 26-28th October.
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  • ClogCon 2017 results (2)

    I had the pleasure of sorting out all the tournaments that we ran at ClogCon this year. Love the fact that we did 10+ tournaments in 3 days and almost everyone entered multiple tournaments. Thanks for the great memories! We witnessed some epic plays and fails. Beneath i […]

  • ClogCon 2017 Results

    Here are the results for the champions, masters and invitational at ClogCon 2017. We will be publishing more results for the smaller tournaments in the coming days. Note, that some of the factions might not be correct (CoC and Grymkin predominantly, were recorded as mer […]

  • Frozen Forge is back at ClogCon 2017

    Jonas Brand from Frozen Forge will be back at ClogCon this year. Like last year he will be setting up shop and bringing all his high quality tabletop accessories for Warmachine and guildball. Also, the new update tokensets for season 3 guildball will be available. Che […]

  • Only 1 month till ClogCon 2017

    Registration is just open a few more weeks till Saturday 4th of November.
    So don’t delay any longer and get your tickets asap.
    We hope to see you all at ClogCon 2017!
    – ClogCon Team

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  • Preview: Blood Bowl trophy

    Blood bowl is making its first appearance at ClogCon 2017. It has been a blast organizing everything needed for this tournament. Hope you guys like our 2017 trophy

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  • ClogCon 40k grand tournament is FULL

    Great news, our 40k grand tournament organised by the Generals of the West is now sold out with 60 participants.
    There is a reserve list in case spots open up.
    Check out their facebook page for more info:
    https://www.facebook.com/events/1622468254491156/p […]

  • Preview: Guild Ball Trophy

    One of the most fun parts of running a convention is arranging all the trophies. Last week our guild ball trophy arrived. Looking forward to giving this trophy to the winner! 
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  • Iron Gauntlet Qualifiers: ClogCon Masters and Champions

    The ClogCon Masters and Champions tournaments have been added to privateerpress official Iron Gauntlet qualifiers. They will now give you points for the overall ranking to participate at the Iron Gauntlet World Championship at Lock & Load Gamefest 2018.The current […]