OrktoberFest (Toulouse, France) added as an Alternate Qualifier

Unfortunately the Swiss Alternate Qualifier won’t be happening this year, but we’ve found an enterprising group of gamers in the south of France that have a growing tournament to fill the spot.

Why not visit Toulouse, France this October 3-4 and participate in their Masters tournament?  All the information about the event will be posted on their forum thread.

This event is part of the European Invitational tournament that will be taking place at ClogCon later this year.  The tournament only has gamers in it that have won major events from around Europe.  Alternate Qualifiers are used to fill spots that players from Qualifier tournament winners don’t fill.  ClogCon also hosts a Last Chance Qualifier so that a lucky player can get into the Invitational at the last possible moment.  For full information on the Invitational system, visit our website.