Open call for events to join the 2016 European Qualifier [UPDATED]


This is an open call to all tournament organisers around Europe.  We are opening the process to consider which events to be part of the 2016 European Invitational.  For more information about the European Invitational, visit this link.  In short, this event is open only to players who have won prestigious events around Europe.  These players compete against one another in a bracketed system until we have one winner.  One slot in the Invitational is always reserved for the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) held at ClogCon.  We anticipate that next year ClogCon will be held at the end of November or 1st weekend of December in Amsterdam (all still to be confirmed).

We would like any tournament organiser to submit their event to us for consideration as a Qualifier or an Alternate Qualifier.  An Alternate Qualifier slot is perfect for events that are newer or not as well known but aspire to become bigger, international events.  Please email the following information to info AT clogcon DOT com:

  1. Event name
  2. Past event website/forum thread (if available)
  3. Anticipated date of 2016 event
  4. Anticipated city/country of 2016 event
  5. Tournament organiser name
  6. Tournament organiser preferred contact information (email, mobile, Facebook, other)
  7. How many times has the event been run before?
  8. What is the average number of players attending the event; how many do you expect in 2016?
  9. What is the percentage of players from countries outside of the host country; where do they come from mostly?
  10. Why you feel your event would help send the best players to the European Invitational?

Feel free to add in any other information you feel is important for us to know.  Basically, the more you can tell us about your event and its success, the better able we will be able to consider your application.  We thank all the TOs in advance for helping us make the Invitational the best it can be to show off the strength of the entire European Warmachine community.

[UPDATE on 5-Oct:  To answer a couple of questions raised:

  • Even if you were a Qualifier in 2015, you should send in a new application for 2016
  • Deadline for applications is Monday the 9-November

–Norbert, Sankha, and Jori