Mikkel Ernst (Denmark) is an Alternate Qualifier for the European Invitational.

The Danish weren’t going to be left out of the May Madness going on in the European Warmachine world.  They held their national Danish Masters in Copenhagen on the May 16-17 weekend.  I (Norbert) actually had the pleasure of taking part of this tournament and it was fun to be with a new meta for the weekend.  Even more fun was seeing the Swedes come across the water (via train, not longboats!) to compete against the Danes.

Despite early worries that the Swedish would take the event, in the end it was Mikkel Ernst from Denmark who won!  He will be an Alternate Qualifier for the ClogCon European Invitational connected to the Iron Moot Qualifier.  For the names and lists of the top 3 players at the event, visit our partner, Page5.de, website either in English or in German.

For more information about ClogCon and the European Invitational, visit this post at our website.