Matt Goligher from England makes it into the European Invitational.

Warmachine May Madness updates continue today with some words, direct from the Welsh Masters’ tournament organiser – Martyn Jenkins!


Welsh Masters 2015

May the 16th & 17th
At Firestorm Games, Cardiff

This year was the biggest Welsh Masters to date, seeing 128 players from around Europe showing their skills to become the “Welsh Master One Man Standing Victorious Undefeated” after 7 rounds. This was a grueling event which saw many of the top players in Britain/Europe including players from WTC teams such as England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland.  Which goes to show the calibre of players on show.
Going into day 2 the top 8 looked very strong who were:

Adam Bell – Menoth
Matt Goligher – Legion

Phil Manwaring – Trolls
Mike Davies – Trolls

Ioan Wrigley – Legion
Jim Gradwell – Khador

Aaron Boyhan – Retribution
Ryan Evans – Cygnar
Then, going into the top 4 undefeated was:
Matt Goligher
Ioan Wrigley

Mike Davies
Ryan Evans

The final was made up of

Matt Goilgher – Legion (English WTC Team 2 Captain)
Mike Davies – Trolls ( Welsh WTC Team 1)

The victorious winner of the 2015 Welsh Masters and making their way ClogCon is……………………….


All involved with the Welsh Masters would like to wish Matt Goligher all the best, in the European Invitational, and would like to thank all the players for participating and making the event a great success!!!

To all who would like to be a part of this great event in 2016 the dates are:

May 14th & 15th 2016

Thanks Martyn for the nice recap.  For the lists of the top 3 players at this event, visit our partner’s site,  The bracket stands now as follows.  For full information about the Warmachine European Invitational, including links to all the remaining Qualifiers, visit our website.

2015 Warmachine European Invitational bracket - Copy