Hermanni Raatevaara (Finland) wins the Estonian Alternate Qualifier.

The European Invitational series has landed in Tallinn with the recent Estonian Masters, which is an Alternate Qualifier for the Invitational. Congrats to the Estonians for putting on a world class event and helping Warmachine/Hordes grow in another area of Europe.  We hope to see them connect to more events in the region, such as the Nordic Invitational Series and the Iron Moot convention.

So winning this year is the well known Finnish player Hermanni Raatevaara playing Khador.  He now has an Alternate spot in the European Invitational this December at ClogCon.  We are sure he is enjoying a nice sauna session to help celebrate.

For the names and lists of the top 3 players at the event, visit our partner, Page5.de.

For more information about ClogCon and the European Invitational, including the full list of events involved, visit this post at our website.