Fraser McFetridge (Scotland) qualifies for the EU Invitational

The results from one of the most challenging Warmachine events, Steamstorm, held in Slovakia under the august supervision of Don Martin Hornacek, are in and we have the latest European Invitational qualified player added to the roster.  Congratulations to Fraser McFetridge from Scotland for winning the event and securing the latest slot in our bracket.  You can find his lists, along with the 2nd and 3rd place winners of the Italian Masters here via our partners at

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An updated grid of the current qualifiers are below. Make plans to make the next events on the European circuit.  We are hitting MAY MADNESS for EU Invitational qualifiers.  Take note of the large number of events taking place:


  • Ropecon (Finland) May 15-17
  • Welsh Open (Wales) May 16-17
  • French Masters (France) May 16-17
  • Ruhrpott Masters (Germany) May 30-31

Alternate Qualifiers

  • Danish Masters (Denmark) May 16-17 [Iron Moot]
  • Gnomicon May 22-24 (Poland) [Polish Masters]
  • Greek Masters (Greece) May 22-24 [Czech Masters]

2015 Warmachine European Invitational bracket - Copy