European Invitational update: nearly all participants confirmed

We are getting to the end of the Qualifier season for the Warmachine European Invitational.  The Invitational will be held at ClogCon on December 11-13 in Rotterdam and consists only of players who have won prestigious events around Europe.  Since we are getting closer to the event, we have reached out to the Qualified players to confirm their attendance.  Those who cannot attend were replaced with the Alternate Qualifiers designated as a substitute for their event.  The Alternate Qualifiers have also been confirmed.

See below for the latest bracket that shows all the players who are confirmed to come to the event and which events are still outstanding for you to qualify with.  Since we need some slots filled by Alternate Qualifiers that haven’t taken place yet, we can reveal the exciting news that winning one of those remaining events will automatically Qualify you for the Invitational.

Don’t forget that ClogCon will also host the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) so there is always still a chance you can get into the big show.  Make plans to attend this 3-day American style Warmachine event today!

Here’s a list of the substitutions:

  • Events still to take place:
    • – The Ropecon Qualifier and the alt qualifier Estonian Masters will be replaced with the winner of the Belgian Masters alternate qualifier.
    • – The winner of Blood & Oil alternate will replace the Irish Masters winner.
    • – The winner of the Deutsche Meisterschaft alternate will replace the Welsh Masters Winner.
  • Alternate winners who have been moved to the Invitational as Qualified players:
    • – The winner of A poil a vapeur to replace the canceled Bavarian Moschpit.
    • – The winner of the Moscow cup replaces the French Masters winner.
    • – The winner of Invasion replaces the Aros Kingdoms winner.
    • – The winner of the Austrian Masters replaces the Iron Moot and Danish Masters (alt) winners.


2015 Warmachine European Invitational bracket - Copy