European Invitational Qualifier Ruhrpott registration is now open

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The Ruhrpott tournament, which is a European Invitational Qualifier in Germany, now has registration open.  Register here.  Get more information and discuss the event at this thread hosted by our partners  UPDATE:  The date in the logo is incorrect.  The event had to be shifted to May 30-31, 2015.

What is The Warmachine European Invitational?

The Warmachine European Invitational is an invitation-only singles tournament which pairs the top players from around Europe to compete against one another in a demonstration of Europe’s best in the game of Warmachine and Hordes.

The Invitational is seeded through 16 Qualifier events which will take place during the course of 2015.  Qualifiers were chosen by seeking out the strongest events in multiple countries in the region throughout the course of the year.  The winner of each Qualifier earns a spot in the Invitational.  Alternate Qualifiers are also announced for each subregion within Europe in case the player who won a Qualifier cannot make the Invitational.  Qualified players will be seeded into a predetermined bracketed system to promote the interaction of various subregions within Europe.

ClogCon (Dec 11-13, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) will host the 2015 Invitational.  ClogCon will also host a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for the Invitational during the course of the event.  All Qualified players earn free admission to ClogCon.  Full rules and information can be found here.

More details about ClogCon and the Invitational can be found at or or @Clogcon.