Consolidated Warmachine European Invitational Information


The Warmachine European Invitational for 2015

Overview and Purpose

The Warmachine European Invitational is an invitation-only singles tournament which pairs the top players from around Europe to compete against one another in a demonstration of Europe’s best in the game of Warmachine and Hordes.  It has two goals.


  1. First, it is to showcase the talent that Europe has to offer.
  2. Second, it is to create a heightened awareness of all the premier events that take place around Europe to encourage the European community to travel more and strengthen the overall gaming community.

The Qualifier System

The Invitational is seeded through 16 Qualifier events which will take place during the course of 2015.  Qualifiers were chosen by seeking out the strongest events in multiple countries in the region throughout the course of the year.  The winner of each Qualifier earns a spot in the Invitational.  Alternate Qualifiers in each subregion within Europe are used in case the player who won a Qualifier cannot make the Invitational.  Qualified players will be seeded into a predetermined bracketed system to promote the interaction of various subregions within Europe.


Qualifiers for the 2015 Warmachine European Invitational

  1. SmogCon (England) Feb 20-22
  2. Aros Kingdoms (Sweden) Feb 28 – Mar 1
  3. Vienna Masters (Austria) Mar 21-22
  4. Irish Masters (Ireland) Mar 27-29
  5. Italian Masters (Italy) Apr 11-12  Alt link
  6. Steamstorm  (Slovakia) Apr 18-19
  7. Ropecon (Finland) May 15-17  Tournament info
  8. Welsh Open (Wales) May 16-17
  9. French Masters (France) May 16-17
  10. Ruhrpott Masters (Germany) May 30-31
  11. Poligon Masters (Poland) Jun 13-14
  12. Iron Moot (Sweden) Aug 7-9
  13. WTC Solo Masters (Ireland) Sep 19-20
  14. Czech Masters (Czech Republic) Oct 17-18
  15. Bavarian Moschpit (Germany) Oct/Nov
  16. ClogCon– Last Chance Qualifier (The Netherlands) Dec 11-13

European Invitational 2015 Qualifiers

Alternate Qualifiers for the 2015 Warmachine European Invitational

The events in brackets are the primary Qualifiers for which the event is an alternate for.


  1. A Poil et A Vapeur (Paris, France) Mar 7-8 [Bavarian Moschpit] Alt link. – Alexandre Maiffret
  2. Danish Masters (Copenhagen, Denmark) May 16-17  [Iron Moot]
  3. Gnomicon May 22-24 (Poland) [Polish Masters]
  4. Greek Masters (Athens, Greece) May 22-24 [Czech Masters]
  5. Lisbon Masters (Lisbon, Portugal) Jun 6-7 [SmogCon]
  6. Estonian Masters (Tallinn, Estonia) Jul 4-5 [Ropecon]
  7. Austrian Masters (Austria) Jul 25-26 [Vienna Masters; Steamstorm]
  8. Belgian Masters XXX Nov 7-8 [WTC Solo Masters]
  9. Invasion (Norway) Sep/Oct  [Aros Kingdoms]
  10. Moscow Cup (Russia) Sep [French Masters]
  11. Iron Cabal (Switzerland) Oct [Italian Masters]
  12. Blood & Oil Nov [Irish Masters; Welsh Open]
  13. Deutsche Meisterschaft Nov 21-22 [Ruhrpott]

European Invitational 2015 Alternate Qualifiers

2015 Warmachine European Invitational Rules

  1. There are 15 Qualifier events and the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) to determine the Invitational grid.
  2. There are also a number of Alternate Qualifier events. Each Alternate event is connected to one or more Qualifiers.
  3. The winner of a Qualifier event earns a spot in the Invitational that is predetermined by the published Bracket.
  4. If the winner of a Qualifier event has already won a Qualifier, the 2ndplace ranked player in the tournament earns the spot.
  5. If the final two opponents in a Qualifier have both earned a spot already, the Alternate Qualifier event associated with the Qualifier event become active. The winner of the Alternate event earns the active spot.  If the winner of the Alternate has already won a Qualifier, the 2ndplace ranked player earns the spot.
  6. Players who have earned spots to the Invitational will be asked to confirm their attendance by November 1st, 2015. Anyone who cannot attend the Invitational will give up their spot for the Alternate Qualifier connected to their event.
  7. If other circumstances arise regarding qualified players not covered by these rules, they will be resolved on a case-by-case basis.
  8. Qualified players are ineligible to play in the LCQ.
  9. The winner of the LCQ earns the LCQ spot in the Invitational.
  10. For any remaining open spots in the Invitational, they will be seeded by players from the LCQ in ranked SoS order. That is, the highest ranked eligible player in the LCQ will be seeded into the highest ranked open spot in the Invitational.
  11. The Invitational will be run as a normal tournament (ie it will not be an elimination style event). Therefore the Invitational will end with a ranked order of players.  The only exception is that the winning group’s matchups will be dictated by the published Invitational Bracket system.
  12. The Invitational will be run as a 2 list required, 50 point Steamroller 2015 tournament using Deathclocks; however, players will NOT be required to use each list.
  13. Models used at the Invitational must be painted and based.


2015 Warmachine European Invitational Bracket

EU Invitational 2015 brackets

ClogCon hosts the 2015 Warmachine European Invitational

ClogCon (December 11-13, Rotterdam, The Netherlands) will host the 2015 Invitational.  ClogCon is a Privateer Press oriented convention following the American-styled convention format, which will include gaming for highly competitive players, casual players, and everything in between.  ClogCon will also host a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) for the Invitational during the course of the event.  All Qualified players earn free admission to ClogCon.  Further details about ClogCon and the Invitational will be released at or or @ClogCon.  To contact us, email us at


Incentives and Event Coverage

Each Qualifying event* has agreed to provide the army lists of their top 3 players which will be published at so that players can follow along with the evolving game over the course of the year.  Furthermore, each of the Qualfiers* has promised to raffle off a ticket to their 2016 events at ClogCon so that players attending have the opportunity to see these events first hand.  Finally, have agreed to cover all the events at ClogCon including video recording of select Invitational games as well as interviewing players on site.

We are also pleased to announce that the winner of the 2015 European Invitational is automatically qualified for the 2016 Warmachine Weekend Invitational and will receive up to $600 from Warmachine Weekend to help pay for their travel costs.

We are excited to kick off this important tournament for the European community and look forward to working with all the important Qualifying event organisers from around the region.  We wish all the players looking to earn a spot at the Warmachine European Invitational the best of luck.


Sankha Amarakoon and Norbert Brunhuber

EU Invitational Organisers

*except for SmogCon