ClogCon welcomes Jaakko Uusitupa from Finland to the Warmachine European Invitational.

As so we begin our reports coming in from the May Madness that happened this month in the European Warmachine community.  First up are the results coming in from RopeCon held in Finland.  The winner was Jaakko Uusitupa, always a strong contender at any tournament he attends.  We looks forward to seeing him compete against the best in Europe at ClogCon in December.  For his lists, along with the lists of the other top 3 players, visit our media partner,, via this direct link.

The bracket stands now as follows.  For full information about the Warmachine European Invitational, including links to all the remaining Qualifiers, visit our website.

2015 Warmachine European Invitational bracket - Copy