ClogCon tickets for Qualified players.

A quick clarification about ticket sales for players who have Qualified for the European Invitational and thus are entitled to a free ticket to the convention.

Please email us using info AT clogcon DOT com, letting us know your name and the event you Qualified at.  We will issue you a coupon which will then allow you to purchase a ticket for free on the registration page.

Note that we will require Qualified players to commit to coming to the Invitational by November 1st, per our rules.  At that point, we will invite any needed Alternate Qualifiers to the Invitational to fill up empty spots.

If you are an Alternate Qualifier at the moment, we cannot unfortunately offer you a free ticket.  Should you become Qualified though, your ticket cost will be refunded to you.  Therefore, please purchase your ticket now if you intend on coming so you are guaranteed a spot at that event in case you don’t become Qualified.