ClogCon discussed on the 11th Hour Podcast

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  We were very pleased to be invited on the 11th Hour Podcast recently, hosted by  We discussed a lot about what ClogCon is and is trying to do in Europe.  We also talk a bit about the European Invitational and the latest changes to Steamroller 2015.  We also leak a small surprise about one of the events that will be happening at ClogCon this year.  The only hitch?  You need to understand German to find out because we conducted the podcast completely in German!  (My apologies in advance for my bad German. –Norbert)


Listen to it here or get one of your German-speaking friends to tell you the surprise.  Full details will go out (in English) later this week. is fast becoming one of the main sources of news and event coverage in Europe.  They have material in English and Germany now.  They are also the official social media partner of ClogCon.  Check out their website or Facebook page.