ClogCon: Champions tournament

We have been getting a few questions about the Champions tournament on Saturday 26th. The champions tournament will follow the official rule set, that can be found here:

In short: 

-No painting requirements

– A Champions event requires each player to bring one army list, with a second list optional. If a player brings a second list, they must use a different theme force in each list.

– Champions 2018 utilizes the Active Duty Roster, a selection of warcasters/warlocks and theme forces from each Faction. When building their army lists, players must select only warcasters/ warlocks and theme forces that are on the ADR. Players cannot use a warcaster or warlock that is not on the current ADR, and their list must be made using one of the theme forces on the current ADR.

– A new warcaster or warlock pre-released at a convention is not automatically added to the ADR when released.

– This champions tournament is an official Iron Gauntlet Qualifier

– Don’t forget to read the official champions document