Blood Bowl at ClogCon 2017

We are very happy to announce the first ClogCon Cup! A Blood Bowl tournament. It will take place at ClogCon 2017, on the Saturday (November 11th).


We invite you to take a step on the Pitch and Kick, Dodge or Smack your way across the field in order to win this awesome tournament (if you dare at least)


The tournament will be free for all ClogCon 3-day ticket holders. Furthermore the ClogCon Cup will also be open to players who have bought the one-day blood bowl ticket


Blood Bowl ticket Cost:  20 euros. This includes: Lunch buffet, and entry to ClogCon Cup on Saturday 11 November.  Ticket can be both at

*Warmachine tournaments are not included in this ticket



The registration will start at 09:00.  Each game will be allocated to 2 hours and 15 minutes with a 15 minute break. This will result in the following schedule:

09u00 Registration

10u00 – 12u00 Round 1


13u00 – 15u00 Round 2

15u30 – 17u30 Round 3

18u00 Prize ceremony

1830-0000 Hang out and play games till closing time



This is a resurrection tournament. Casualties are ignored at the end of the game, no SPPs or winnings are ever earned and your team-value is never calculated. In essence you play with the exact same team for all games.


Team Creation:

Teams have 1.100.000 gold to buy the team, rerolls, apothecary, fan factor, cheer leaders, assistant coaches and inducements. All official teams in the CRP are welcome.



4 skills + 1 double (if wanted). No skill stacking.



Halflings are allowed to buy a Halfling Chef for 100k. Goblins are allowed to buy up to 3 Bribes for 50k each.

No other inducements/stars are allowed.

According to NAF:


Changes to the CRP adopted by NAF:

– Human catcher 60k GP

– A Head Coach can Argue the Call (See Death Zone 1)

– Halfling Treeman gain the Timmmmber Skill (Death Zone 1)

– additional teams: Underworld, Chaos Pact and Slann

– Piling On remains as it was, new Piling On rules come in the league only



Draw for round 1 will be random. Draws for subsequent rounds will use the swiss system


Tournament scoring

Scoring for this first ClogConCup will be kept simple:

3 points for a win

1 point for a draw

0 points for a loss


Tiebreakers in the following order: net TD’s – net cas – TD’s made – cas made


Things To Bring With You

A team.



Two roster sheets. (One for us, one for you/your opponent)

A Blood Bowl board. (We can provide some if you’re unable to bring one)



While there will obviously be a trophy for first place, more is better… but those will largely depend on the number of participants. So sign up, bring your friends and keep watching this space!