We are proud to be hosting the European Championship for Judgement this year at ClogCon 2018. It will be the first big European Judgement tournament and our starting point to build up a solid competitive Judgement scene for Europe. The Tournament will take place on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be a special ticket for Judgement players, giving access to Saturday and Sunday  of ClogCon to participate in the European Championship and tournaments on the Sunday. It is also possible to buy a separate ticket for the Friday, but there will be no organised play on that day.


European Championship: 64 spots. 6 rounds. 5 hero’s pick and ban (effectivlely 3v3 hero’s). No painting requirements. Game times 45min per player. Rules per organised play document (to be released later)


Saturday Schedule:

0900-0915: registration
0915-1200: First round
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1500: 2nd round
1500-1700: 3rd round
1700-1900:4th round

Sunday Schedule:

0930-0915:  roll call
0930-1200: round 5
1200-1300: Lunch
1300-1530: Final round

Note: Exact schedule can change. Depending on attendance, we might choose to do a second tournament on Sunday. Our goal is always to provide you as the player with as many quality games in the weekend as possible.