This year accommodation at the ClogCon location is possible. The hotel has several types of rooms ranging from 1 persons to 4 person rooms. The hotel has reserved rooms specially for ClogCon 2018 guests to ensure that there is room for everyone. Rooms can be reserved via the block form available on this page.

Available rooms:

Single room (1 person)- 119 euro per night*
Twin room (2 persons) – 129 euro per night* (= 64.50 euro per person)
Triple room (3 persons) – 149 euro per night*(= 49.67 euro per person)
Quad room (4 persons) – 169 euro per night*(= 42.25 per person)

*breakfast is included in the price of the room
Note: the ticket price for ClogCon includes lunch for all 3 days of the event


Use this reservation form to book hotel rooms for ClogCon: [wpba-attachment-list]