ClogCon Invitational

This year will bring back the ClogCon Invitational on the Sunday. The rules are simple, you can earn a spot on this 8 man invitational in the following tournaments:

ClogCon Masters – 2 spots
Champions – 1 spots

Steamroller White – 1 spot
ClogCon Team Challenge – 3 spots (winning team)
Hardcore – 1spot

*If a players earns second spot we will award the next highest ranked player in that tournament a place in the invitational


Iron Team Award

By entering in the ClogCon Team Challenge a team can be eligible for the Iron team Award. For the Iron Team Award we will be counting all the tournament wins in the ClogCon Team Challenge as well as any other wins team mates achieve in other tournaments. The Team with the highest combined score will be crowned the Iron Team

The Iron Team Award consists of:

***Free admittance to the NL Masters 2018
***Bragging rights