ClogCon 2017

ClogCon (November 10-12, Amsterdam, The Netherlands)  is a Privateer Press oriented convention following the American-styled convention format, which will include gaming for highly competitive players, casual players, and everything in between.  ClogCon will hold an invitational on the Sunday. Players can earn a spot in this 8 man invitational during the course of the event. Further details about ClogCon will be released at  or or @ClogCon.



ClogCon History


ClogCon was started in 2013 as a 3 day warmachine event. In the past years we have done up to 10 tournaments during the course of 3 days varying form highly competitive formats to casual formats. It is our mission to improve ClogCon with each year.

In 2015 and 2016 ClogCon hosted the European Invitational. Masters winners from all over Europe came to the Netherlands to battle for the title! It was a great success and turned out to be good showcase of Warmachine in Europe.

ClogCon 2013 

ClogCon 2013

ClogCon 2014

CLogCon 2014